Professional SEO...Nah...Digital Storyteller with a "Unique Set of Skills" Like Liam Neeson to Help Businesses Better Connect With Customers.

I started this journey of online marketing 11+ years ago selling online e-books with a co-worker at my first job out of college.

It was such an awesome empowering and magical feeling being able to create $$$ and value out of thin air by just setting up a website and pointing searcher to the right answer.

Once you've done it once, there's no going back. I quickly discovered that my International Affairs degree was worthless and online-marketing (e-commerce) was where I wanted to be. 

So in 2006, I had to go school all over again, but this school was different. It was the school of real hands-on experience, building websites, failing, winning, learning SEO, ranking, growing traffic, learning copywriting, analytics, conversion, sales, marketing, branding, and getting results.

This  blog is designed to help others capture that feeling...

Washington DC SEO Consultant

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