Choosing a DC SEO Company? Read This First.

If you're like me, you read the Washington Post in order to get the scoop on what's happening in around D.C.. I read it to learn about going on in the DC government, to learn a little about DC history, monuments and tourism trends. I also use it as guide to find things to do in Washington D.C.. Whether its visiting the National Mall, the Lincoln Memorial or The White House or U.S. Capital, I try to read travel guides and tourism directories and blogs. Here's why: Eventhough I was born and raised in the area, I want to get into the mindset of a person searching for activities and things to do places to eat in D.C.. It helps with keyword research, site optimization, answering questions, and really helping my clients to think and become a trusted "guide" instead of a pitchman for their business. In the era, where your customers are looking online before they buy, businesses need to establish value before and after the actual transaction.

  • Marketing Tip: Google’s requirements changes all the time and some places can “do seo” but may not be up on the latest strategies
  • Your specific site and marketing goals may not fit a one-size fits all approach and may require expert consultation
  •  I tell clients all the time: "It takes time to understand your industry and increase both customers and sales isn’t just web design or blogging... it’s an investment in your website’s marketing strategy. Hiring the right SEO Expert is critical."

SEO companies can help you with executing your internet marketing strategy but also set up website analytics and help support your existing marketing efforts even if it's just better web design or email campaigns.

Why Do I Need SEO Web Development?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of gaming or manipulating the search engines (specifically Google) to drive more traffic and leads and sales to your site. There’s a lot more to it, but it’s really just a process of giving the Google what it wants to see, creating content designed to help/guide your customers towards a business goal, and tweaking your website to drive leads and sales. This video explains SEO in better detail.

Reasons You Need A DC SEO Marketing Agency.

Doing SEO the wrong way can hurt your site. Messing around and experimenting with the over 500 factors that Google uses to ranking sites on the front page of Google is a huge expenditure of time, resources, and opportunity cost.My goal is to help your grow and market your website online and not to convince you to become a search engine optimization expert. To be honest SEO only exciting if you like to nerd out and talk about marketing funnels and strategy.

How Do You Actually Find A Good SEO Consulting and Web Design Agency in Washington D.C.?

Step 1: Search for “[CITY]+ SEO”

Searching for the term “Your City Name + SEO” will bring back the top best SEOs in the area within the first two pages of Google. Now don’t be fooled by the big name design agencies and companies in the results, you want to choose the smaller tactical websites that show up despite not being a big brand because they are most likely using the most cutting edge strategies in order to rank highly among the big name firms in the area.

Step 2: Check to See if They Are An Expert in SEO

The challenge with some web design and web marketing firms is that “Yes they can do it all”. However, it doesn’t mean that they do it all well. There are many firms that offer web design, paid marketing, social media, and SEO marketing services. Sometimes you need a screw driver to be a screwdriver and it doesn’t matter what other tools you have in your toolbelt if you need a screwdriver.

Step 3: Make Sure They Are Familiar with Your Industry

The same SEO strategy doesn’t work the same for every industry or every website. In fact each keyword in Google has its own customized set of requirements in order to rank it at the top. Some of the strategies may be similar, but with an SEO firm being familiar with your industry and knowing what keywords and topics are likely to drive converting traffic, it  helps simplify the process and makes it more effective in growing your business.

Step 4: Make Sure They Price Competitive, Don’t Go Cheap

You’re a business owner or marketing director and your know the difference between the high quality of your product or service and the cheap stuff that your competitor is trying to undercut you with. The same goes for SEO services. If you decide to choose a $99-$300 per month SEO consultant, you will likely get what you pay for. The main focus should be the ROI on your investment.

Compare what it would cost to generate leads using paid traffic or a local radio or tv and you will see why SEO is in most cases a more cost-effective form of advertising.

Now You Know How To Hire A D.C. Search Consultant in 2018.

You know that Googling your city name and SEO or SEO agency will likely bring back the best SEOs in your area within page 1 or page 2. You also know that finding the smaller more independent websites within the big names in your city that are ranking among the big name are likely the SEO’s using the most cutting strategies. You now also know that you want to choose a company or consultant that specializes in SEO because if you don’t want to work with a firm that just added SEO services as an afterthought. You want to work with a consultant that knows or is at least familiar with your industry so that you can target the best converting keywords quickly and run a more effective SEO campaign. Lastly, you know the REAL cost of going cheap when choosing an SEO consultant and why going for the lowest priced consultant isn’t the best option if you want real results.

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