You’ve been there right?… That “analysis paralysis”-moment while belaboring over choosing a blog topic…that labor of love  of stressing about what word to put on a page or what different spin you can put on your content talk in order to compete with other sites compete online.

You’re  at your laptop asking “Does this even make sense when you don’t have the hours as these the full-time guys and this thing kind of a side hustle for you?”


I know that you’ve been frustrated, mad, and downright “pissed” from some of these non-specific “content strategy” and “17 blogging tips” posts.They offer surface level in-actionable fluff content that just give you general confusing tactics that don’t apply to your situation.

For us non-writer types. Content Marketing can be difficult, because you don’t just want to the trend and get lost in the noise and even more so, not make any money from your efforts.

The question is really who do you trust?


How you put any of this into action?

And since Google has “changed” How the heck do you really make money from blogging?

Let me tell you how I got started:

For me it all started back in 2006 when I was working at my first customer service job and I received an little email notification saying that a new customer just bought an e-book.

At the time, I was running a small PPC campaign it couldn’t have been over $50, but me and a coworker would sell the same e-book in order to generate leads for MLM business (Ask me about my Downline Horror Stories).

Eventhough I had a full-time salary, that little $15 commission meant more to me than that week’s paycheck. I knew that if I can figure out how to generate more of those $15 commissions, the possibilities were endless. However Google quickly shut down affiliate PPC and curtailed my dreams of charging it on the credit card and making it back through affiliate sales…

Yep, I was just a little too late to the PPC party.

Luckily that forced me into SEO and other forms of digital marketing.

If you’re like me, you are a “non-writer” and didn’t major in English nor take any creative writing course, but you want to blog. You are probably trying to figure out a few things:

  • How to create a blog?
  • How to make it profitable?
  • How to create and write content?
  • How to drive traffic and people to your blog?
  • How long will it take?

Fortunately, you have found this site. I share my content and blogging hacks and systems for to help you drive more traffic to your blog.

If you get one takeaway from my site, I hope it’s this:

Content strategy doesn’t have to be this abstract guru meta-mumbo-jumbo that involves a whole bunch of tweets, likes, re-pins, avatars, for 150 views to your page. There are simple steps that you can take to make your blogging efforts more effective.

For non-writer types the concept of blogging and content strategy can seem like a foreign language and feel like we are speaking to ourselves in a bubble. We can pop that bubble and help you share your stories with more readers and utilize clear and simple marketing steps that can help transition your blog into a business.